The contributions from researchers describing their original, unpublished, research contribution on following theme (but not limited to):

  • Shape representation
  • Biometrics: face matching, iris recognition, footprint verification and many more.
  • Statistical, Structural and syntactic pattern recognition
  • Brain Computer Interface and Human Computer Interactions
  • Feature extraction and reduction
  • Biomedical Image Processing
  • Color and texture analysis
  • Speech analysis and understanding
  • Image segmentation
  • Speaker verification & Synthesis
  • Image compression, coding and encryption
  • Clustering and classification
  • Object recognition, scene understanding and video analytics
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Image matching (pattern matching)
  • Extreme learning machine
  • Content based image retrieval and indexing
  • Artificial Intelligence Trends in Deep learning
  • Optical character recognition
  • Big data
  • Image & Video Forensics
  • Information retrieval
  • Pattern recognition and machine learning for Internet of Things
  • Data mining and Data Analytics
  • Pattern classification through Sensors
  • Pattern Recognition for Hyper Spectral Imaging
  • Satellite Image Processing
The contributions from researchers describing their original, unpublished, research contribution on following major theme (but not limited to):

Track wise collection of thematic areas

The contributions from researchers describing their original, unpublished, research contribution on following theme (but not limited to): :

Image and Video Processing

Track Chair : Professor Linas Bukauskas (Vilnius University, Lithuania) & Dr. Vikas Humbe (SRTMUN, India)

Image Acquisition, Image Sampling and Quantization, Spatial and Intensity Resolution, Image Interpolation, Adjacency, Connectivity, Regions, and Boundaries, Distance Measures, Image Enhancement, Image Segmentation, Image Analysis, Image Spatial domain and Frequency Domain Operations, Image Transforms, Estimating the Parameters of the Multivariate Gaussian, Smoothing (Lowpass) Spatial Filters, Sharpening (High pass) Spatial Filters, Image Reconstruction from Projections, Image Filtering, Image Restoration, Image Morphology, Colour Image Processing, Image compression, coding and encryption, Object recognition, Image matching (pattern matching), Content based image retrieval and indexing, Feature extraction and reduction, Colour and texture analysis, Optical character recognition, Wavelet and Other Image Transforms, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Wavelet Packets, Pseudocolor Image Processing, Watermarking, Morphological Reconstruction, Image Pattern Classification, Scene understanding and video analytics, Image & Video Forensics, Video Formation, Perception and Representation, Analog Video Raster, Digital Video, Fourier analysis of Video Signals and Frequency Response of the Human Visual System, Video Sampling, Video Sampling Rate Conversion, Video Modelling, Two-Dimensional Motion Estimation, Waveform-Based Video Coding, Video Compression Standards

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Track Chair : Professor Filbert Juwono (Curtin University, Malaysia) & Dr. Pravin Yannawar (Dr. B A M University, India)
Pattern classification through Sensors, Shape representation, Statistical, Structural and syntactic pattern recognition, Pattern recognition and machine learning for Internet of Things, Clustering and classification, Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Estimation, Computational Complexity and Over fitting, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Expectation Maximization (EM), Hidden Markov models, Performance Evaluation, Decoding and Learning, Extreme learning machine, Prediction Algorithms, Understanding Data, Predictive Model Building, Balancing Performance, Linear Regression for Analysis, Penalized Linear Method for Prediction, Ensemble Methods Feature Extraction, Feature Selection, Training and Validation of Data, Performance Evaluation Model Optimization, Tuning Model Parameters, Misclassification and Over fitting, Rescaling of Data, Statistical and Mathematical Model

Artificial Intelligence Trends in Deep learning

Track Chair : Professor P Shivakumara (University of Malaya, Malaysia) & Professor Mallikarjun Hangarge (KASC Bidar, India)

Probabilistic Neural Networks (PNNs), K‐Nearest Neighbour, Estimation and rules, Nearest Neighbour, Fuzzy Classification, Perceptron, Linear Programming Algorithm, Support Vector Machines (SVM), Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Multilayer feed forward Neural Networks, Using Back propagation to Train Deep Neural Networks, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Classification of images, text, sound etc, Face recognition, Text translation, Voice recognition, Advanced driver assistance systems, Lane classification and traffic sign recognition, High-dimensional data set used to train a deep learning network, High-performance GPUs, Transfer learning, Multiple nonlinear processing layers, Convolutional neural network, Feature Detection Layers, Rectified linear unit (ReLU), Pooling, Classification Layers, Fully connected layer (FC), Retraining an Existing Network, Cloud-based GPU computation, Dynamic Neural Network

Multimodal Biometrics and Biomedical Image Processing

Track Chair : Professor Ganesh Sinha (MIIT, Myanmar) & Professor Shivanand Gornale (RCUB, India)

Biomedical Image Processing, Transformation and Scaling, Resizing, Thresholding, Filtering, Normalization, Noise handling, Erosion and Dilation, Point, Line, Edge and Region, Multi-stage Algorithm, Hysteresis, Non-maximum Suppression, Enhancement, Discrete Fourier Transform, Face matching, Iris recognition, Footprint verification and many more, Biometric system, Identification and verification, Performance analysis measures of biometric system FAR/FRR, Positive/negative identification. ROC curve, DET curve, FAR/FRR curve, Expected overall error, System design issues, Biometric system security, Authentication protocols, Matching score distribution, Biometric myths and misrepresentations, Selection of suitable biometric, Biometric attributes, Multi biometrics, Verification on multimodal system, Normalization strategy, Fusion methods, Multimodal identification, Biometric system security, Biometric system vulnerabilities Circumvention, Covert acquisition, Quality control, Template generation, Interoperability, Data storage, Recognition systems: Face, Signature, Fingerprint, Ear, Iris etc.

Human Computer Interactions

Track Chair : Professor Bharti Gawali (Dr. B A M University, India)

Brain Computer Interface, Human Computer Interactions, Interactive system design, Model-based Design and evaluation, Empirical research methods in HCI, Task modelling and analysis, Dialog Design, Cognitive architecture, Speech analysis and understanding, Speaker verification & Synthesis, Acoustic theory of speech production, acoustic-phonetics, and signal representation. Algorithmic aspects of speech recognition systems including pattern classification, search algorithms, stochastic modelling, and language modelling techniques. Acoustic-phonetic modelling, robust speech recognition, speaker adaptation, processing paralinguistic information, speech understanding, and multimodal processing..

Hyper Spectral and Satellite Remote Sensing

Track Chair : Professor Tuong-Thuy Vu (Curtin University Malaysia) & Professor Syed Safiyyoddin (India)

Pattern Recognition for Hyper Spectral Imaging, Imaging Spectroscopy, Hyper spectral Image Analysis with Environmental Applications, Reflectance spectroscopy, Dimensionality reduction, Feature selection, Subspace modelling, End member extraction, Hyper spectral band ratios and vegetation indices, Hyper spectral classification methods, Target detection, Spectral unmixing, Spectral libraries, Applications of hyper spectral remote sensing, Satellite Image Processing, Principles of Geospatial Technology, Earth features and phenomena, Earth Resources and Resource Management, Principles of Aerial Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Satellite, Microwave and thermal infrared Remote Sensing, Cartography, Aerial Photographs, Satellite images, Statistical data analysis and Spatial statistics, Correction and Interpretation, Digital Elevation Modelling and Global Positioning System

Big data Analytics

Track Chair : Professor Sachin Deshmukh (Dr. B A M University, India)

Pre-processing of data, Information retrieval, Normalization, Data mining and Data Analytics, Hadoop framework, Data Processing using Spark, Statistical Methods, Probability & Stochastic Process, Linear Algebra & Linear Programming, Computing for Data Sciences in Relational and Non-Relational, Foundations of Data Science, Advanced Statistical Methods, Machine Learning, Enabling Technologies for Data Science, Operations Research, Multivariate Statistics, Data Visualization with Tableau: Learn about design principles, human perception and effective story telling with data, dashboards, modern visualization tools and techniques (cover Tableau). Time series Analysis & Forecasting, Bio informatics, Big Data Technologies and Architecture, Text mining, Advanced Analytics, Modelling in Operations Management – Banking Analytics, Healthcare analytics, Retail analytics

Natural Language Processing

Machine Translation Phase, Morphological Processing, Syntax Analysis, Semantic Analysis, Pragmatic Analysis, Pragmatic ambiguity, Ambiguity and Uncertainty in Language, Semantic Ambiguity, Anaphoric Ambiguity, Lexical Ambiguity, Syntactic Ambiguity, Linguistic Resources, Elements of Corpus Design, Sampling, WordNet

High Performance Computing for Artificial Inelligence

High Performance Computing for AI, High Performance GPU, Parallel Algorithm Design, Decomposition Techniques, Parallel Computer Architecture, Scalable System, Analytical Modelling of Program Performance, Collective Communication, Synchronization Non-numerical Algorithm